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Camp conditions:
Insurance: The Organizer assumes no responsibility for or liability with respect to bodily or personal injury or property damage. It is the sole obligation of each Participant in the Camp to have medical and accident insurance, valid in the Czech Republic. Such insurance must assure full medical attendance and also the return of the ill or injured person to the home country by air transport or by other expeditious means.

The icerink dresing rooms entry will be granted solely to the participants.As Participant is considered as a duly registered competitor or duly registered coach (via the web form). Parents and the companions will NOT be part of the event.

Catering will be provided to the participants of the event only. Participants will eat at the Kanada Restaurant at tables reserved for them only and according to the time schedule.

Accommodation is arranged for by the participants themselves !!!

Recommended accommodation:
Hostel FTVS UK *,, Hotel Avion ***,

Cancellation Policy:
As the number of participants is strictly limited, only the price for meals will be refunded.

all the bank fees will be paid by the payer!
via bank transfer to account number (EUR):
IBAN: CZ0703000000000303378035, BIC: CEKOCZPP - ČSOB Praha
Note for recipient: participant´s name and surname

GDPR: By entering the camp you consent to the acquisition and processing of personal data and photographic and audiovisual recordings. "GDPR acceptance" can be downloaded at


By entering the camp I declare that I will comply the applicable measures against COVID-19 . The camp is open to people who do not have clinical signs of COVID-19 and can prove that:

1) they were issued a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on vaccination against COVID-19 - co když mají certifikát své vlastní země? Cizinec český nedostane ...or
2) they had a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 disease, their isolation period according to the valid emergency measures of the Ministry of Health has expired and no more than 180 days have elapsed since their first positive RT-PCR test for SARS CoV-2or
3) negative results of RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus no older than 72 hours