Dagmar Toulova

... and a bit of the history of Skating Prague 6

Currently the owner and director of a Figure skating and roller skating shop in Prague, including sharpening, service and skate rental, manager of International figure skating schools, Summer camps for children and Adult figure skating camps, president of the Ice Skating Prague 6 sporting club.

She is a graduate of the Gymnasium and the Secondary Hotel School in Prague and she holds a certificate from the Netherlands Institute of Marketing in the field of marketing.

Between 2006-2012 she was the owner and director of children's medical shoes shop in Prague. She is a graduate of courses in shoe production technology and healthy footwear in Zlín - the Mr. Bata´s town

She has been active in the figure skating market since 2006. It started with close cooperation with Mrs. Vladimíra Brabcova, currently the owner and director of Sparrow company, the largest Czech manufacturer of figure skating sportswear. Between 2012-2019 Dagmar traded in figure skating clothing, equipment and accessories in Slovakia and close abroad.

She sold the first skates for figure skating in 2013, first becoming a retailer of Riedell and Eclipse, later Risport, Graf, Edea and Wifa, and John Wilson and MK blades.

International figure skating schools
Summer 2017 - Dagmar organized the first year of the Skating Camp for children and the first Figure Skating School. The first coaches were Kateřina Kamberská (CZE) and Miroslav Bokor (SVK). The following year, the figure skating schools acquired the new name Prague Skating Summer and foreign coaches Vladimir Dvojnikov (RUS/SVK) and Shin Amano (JPN/CAN) became part of the coaching team for the first time. Anna Cappellini (ITA) and Ondřej Hotárek (ITA/CZE) accepted the invitation a year later. Eva Martinek (AUT) was also part of the coaching team for the following three years. The first Adult figure skating camp took place in the summer of 2019.

Prague Ice Cup
November 2017 - Dagmar together with Mr. Miroslav Bokor organized the first annual Riedel Ice Cup - the international figure skating competition in Prague. The competition was given the new name Prague Ice Cup and new partners Risport, John Wilson and MK in 2019

Figure skating shop, sharpening and service
Spring 2019 - Dagmar and her husband Karel purchased a professional American-made Incredible Edger sharpening machine. Mr. Karel Toula took care of the sharpening. The figure skating shop equipped for complete service of skates, including custom thermoforming and minor repairs was opened in Prague 6 at Kladenská 405/48. In the fall of the same year was opened a figure skating rental shop.

Spring 2020 -  expanding to include Riedell roller skates, Moxi and Wifa roller skates, PowerDyne plates and accesories and Radar and Sonar wheels, later also Roll-line roller skates.

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the promisingly developing business and tradition of the figure skating competition and figure skating schools in 2020.

The tradition of the Prague Ice Cup competition was never renewed after the death of Mr. Karel Toula in the winter of 2021. 

The history of figure skating schools expanded in autumn 2022 by the first autumn Minicamp and by two spring Minicamps in 2023.